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Jawa Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the pioneer pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan, our cGMP Compliant and quality driven products have gained us Loyal and satisfied customers which has geared our constant growth and made us capable to achieve a prominent face in the market.
Jawa Pharmaceuticals carry a vision for which we strive to become better in boosting our social responsibility by consistently upgrading our methods and techniques that could produce a better range of products for communities by commercializing and distributing our products across the region. We strongly believe in the well- being of our employees, our customers and the community that we operate in. Jawa is always enthused to bring and implement latest techniques that suit best for its manufacturing and production facilities coupled with our fine product distribution and circulation across the region.


Muhammad Baqir Jawa

The journey of Jawa Pharmaceuticals has been supremely challenging at all fronts. Today the Jawa Pharmaceuticals you see is a different phenomenon. We’ve come a far way and I couldn’t be more proud to all the people who’ve helped us throughout our struggle period. I envision Jawa Pharmaceuticals to be an organization that would protect you like a sanctuary. No matter what the situation is, the people associated with Jawa Pharmaceuticals would never be altered what so ever.We are highly optimistic in providing and producing qualified products that help enable society to lead a healthier and exultant lifestyle. Jawa Pharmaceuticals has never compromised on the standards and our company structure in any domain.

I believe that the times to come would be a witness to an augmented opulence with a promise for a better future and a hope to continuously excel in the health department globally.


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